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Gamine Studio
811 East Burnside St. #213
Upstairs in the 811 arts building, facing Burnside Street. 

BIO - Hair Design

Melissa has been honing in her haircutting skills for 20+ years, specializing in dry haircutting. This means your haircut is done on your dry hair, requiring the client to come in with their hair clean, dry and close to how they normally wear it with minimal product. The haircut is done with intuitive visual work and technical mapping. There are always some exceptions to a rule where shampooing is required for a cut, but no blow-drying takes place at this time. Cutting down on blow-drying is in effect due to COVID-19, but is also her preferred way of cutting so you will be in good hands. See COVID salon rules/regulations here.

Melissa loves continued education, a passion for learning and growing is a big part of her personality. She built a strong foundation in the technical aspects of cutting while in her early years of training and later found a perfect balance with visual finishing. She spent time as an educator in her early years, and always a student as you never quit learning. 

Now at Gamine in Portland, Oregon, Melissa continues to hone in on her specialty, haircutting as Gamine's haircut specialist. For color she recommends the other two stylist in the salon: Liberty or Jessica.