COVID-19 rules

We will be implementing Hospital grade sanitation required by the state of Oregon and below are the guidelines for reopening that apply to you:  

Stylists are required by the State of Oregon to ask you health screening questions and keep this information for 60 days after your appointment. Please fill out our Covid-19 questionnaire the Gamine website the day of your appointment.  

We are waiving cancellation fees for illness at this time. Please do not come in if you have travelled out of state within the past 14 days. If you arrive at your appointment and appear to be sick, you will be sent home.  

Clients and stylists are required to wear a mask. Please bring your own over the ear mask and know there is a risk of hair color/product stains.  

Please arrive with clean, dry hair. We are only offering dry haircuts at this time. (no shampoo, it's a dry cut) Unfortunately blowdrying is not recommended, if you are getting color we will rinse, towel dry and set with product.  

Clients are required to sanitize hands prior to their service. We will have hand sanitizer available.  

Please show up to your appointment alone. No guests including children (unless the child is getting a haircut) or pets.  

Please arrive on time and wait outside or in your car until your stylist texts you to come in. We cannot have people in the waiting area at this time.  

Please keep personal items to a minimum. 

We cannot serve beverages. You can bring your own drink in a lidded cup.  

No salon books and magazines at this time. You can bring your own small book or iPad.  

We know this is a long list, thank you for reading and we appreciate your support as we try to open up as safely as we can during this time.  

All the best ~ Melissa  BOOK WITH MELISSA  

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