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Gamine Studio
811 East Burnside St. #213
Upstairs in the 811 arts building, facing Burnside Street. 

BIO - Hair Design

Melissa has been honing in her haircutting skills for 20+ years. During her journey of advanced education and experience she connects well with dry haircutting, visual finishing work. These techniques are why her haircuts grow out so good and gives every cut a personalized style.  Wether your full cut is done on dry hair, or worked wet to dry. This is done with intuitive visual work and technical mapping.

A passion for learning and growing is a big part of Melissa's personality. She spent time as an educator in her early years, and always a student, as you never quit learning. As well as hair design, Melissa is a musician and dapples in all sorts of creative activities. 

Now at Gamine in Portland, Oregon, Melissa continues to hone in on her specialty, haircutting as Gamine's haircut specialist. She is not excepting new color appointments at this time. For color she recommends the other two stylist in the salon: Liberty or Jessica.